Chocolate Domes

Chocolate Shells:


  • 750g Benoit Dark Chocolate 56%
  • 750g Benoit Milk Chocolate 36%

Orange Filling:


  • 500g Virtue Dark Cacao Filling
  • 200g Benoit Orange Peel

Saffron Filling:


  • 500g Bruxel Crispy Saffron
  • 100g Benoit Lemon Peel

Assembly and Finishing

  1. Spray dôme moulds with Orange and yellow Benoit cocoa butter (one mould of each)
  2. Make Dark chocolate shells with the orange color
  3. Make Milk chocolate shells with the yellow color
  4. Fill the dark one with Orange filling and close with dark chocolate
  5. Fill the m ilk one with Saffron filling and close with milk chocolate