Speculoos Cake

Speculoos Cake

Assembly and Finishing

  1. After cooling, cut sponge into 4 layers
  2. Apply Vanilla Butter Cream first and third layers
  3. Apply Benoit Speculoos Spread on the second layer
  4. Cover the cake with vanilla butter cream
  5. Cover the top with Benoit Speculoos Spread with dripping on the sides
  6. Decorate with speculoos biscuit and handmade chocolate decoration

Speculoos Cake :


  • 1000g Benoit Speculoos Cake Mix
  • 350g Whole Eggs
  • 300g Vegetable Oil
  • 250g Water


  1. Mix all ingredients together for 3 – 4 min
  2. Place it in 60x40cm tray
  3. Baking temperature 180°C
  4. Baking time 12 – 15 min